Our climate is changing. It feels enormous, unpredictable and unprecedented.
Not surprisingly, as a consequence, climate anxiety has become widespread all over the world.

Even though it sounds menacing, climate anxiety can in fact be empowering. It is a sign that we admit to something being off in our collective way of acting. However, it would be too simplistic to assume that anxiety would automatically lead to climate action for all of us. That’s why Day of Adaptation was founded four years ago: to encourage communities and organisations to accept the feelings that surface when we speak of climate change; to understand what is about to happen; and to commit to both mitigating and adaptive action through games about sustainability or a sustainability workshop.

Now, our first ever fundraising campaign aims to reach 1.000 people in the coming two years in more than 60 diverse communities and organisations. Are you ready to shake off climate anxieties around us? Let’s do it – together!

Which Communities and Organisations have you worked with? 

To-date we have worked with more than 600 people globally: people from different backgrounds, income levels, and educational backgrounds, who all nevertheless share similar concerns for what climate change means for their local community and livelihood. 

We work with all types of communities and organisations including for-profit companies, public and non-governmental institutions, educational institutions, and even a pastoralist community in Kenya.

Who is targeted in this campaign? 

When facing the challenge of climate change, all of our actions count – big and small. The historical loss and damage fund established in COP27, the UN Climate Conference in November 2022, would not have been possible without the incredible mobilisation of civil society! That’s why we need climate communication that is encouraging, brings us together and engages us in collaboration. Our sustainability workshop during Dialogue Days and  our games about sustainability during Game Days do just that.

We see numerous groups around us who have incredible potential to become local leaders: youth, women, vulnerable groups, people experiencing climate anxiety, people who want to be heard, people who want to take collective action. These are people who will change the games about sustainability

Do you see yourself in this description? Reach out to us at info@dayad.org.

What is it that you actually do? 

Our work is to empower, bring teams closer together, and incite discussion around subjects that are conventionally avoided. We achieve this through interactive games about sustainability for team building. We offer two initiatives that we facilitate both in person and online: Game Day and Dialogue Day, a sustainability workshop. Through these games about sustainability our objective is to increase understanding of climate change in local contexts, providing people with the means to take action.

What’s in it for me?

Many of us feel like we are not doing enough whilst we are limited by our own individual circumstances. Climate action is not an individual contribution, however, but a collective, cascading effort – by participating in this campaign as a monthly or one-off donor you help spread the spirit of action.

How can I contribute?

1. You can become a monthly donor to the campaign!
2. You can give a one-off donation!
3. You can engage even more people in your network (TBA).

Spread the spirit of action and dare to make communities and organisations leaders of climate change! Read more about this campaign and consider donating here:


Campaign page
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