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How can your institution promote sustainability in the workplace and in local communities?

Public institutions and local governments need to prepare for the changes that climate change will bring. Developing effective sustainability policy requires participation from all sectors if we are to achieve a green and net-zero future. But how do you motivate your staff and local communities to take action for sustainability in the workplace or in the local area? It all starts by bringing your group together for interactive and fun discussions! 


Our activities Game Day and Dialogue Day help engage your group in climate discussions and action even without prior climate knowledge. Improve sustainability in the workplace by having fun with your colleagues, or engage community members in interactive group activities! Day of Adaptation offers activities to various groups – find out who we work with by reading about our clients and partners.

What can public institutions benefit from Day of Adaptation activities?

In order to promote sustainability in the workplace, Day of Adaptation offers two types of activities: Game Day and Dialogue Day. Take your teambuilding to the next level!

Game Day provides an opportunity for collaborative and fun interaction about climate change. We created the Minions of Disruptions game so that colleagues can consider new ideas and talk about climate change impacts on your organisation. By leveraging the benefits of game-based learning, Game Day promotes employee sustainability initiatives

Dialogue Day encourages discussion about your organisation’s sustainability policy. The topic of climate adaptation and environmental awareness can be explored in groups through tailored discussions. Colleagues can discuss how to improve sustainability in the workplace as well as how public institutions can offer citizens more support for climate adaptation and mitigation. You can join a virtual team building activity or join our activities in-person.

Climate and sustainability policy in your institution

Municipalities and local governments are directly affected by climate change. They need to build resilience and effectively deal with floods and heat waves to reduce the impact on citizens. Bringing your team together to talk about climate adaptation can therefore improve sustainability in the workplace, but also benefit the broader community. Let’s talk about climate adaptation that is relevant to your area, and why not make it fun while we’re at it!

 sustainability in the workplace

Benefits of gamification in policy making contexts

You can use gamification to train public sector employees on new topics or practices. It can also be used to directly engage communities in policymaking. Climate change games help participants grasp certain concepts about sustainability in the workplace, or apply the things they are learning. Our Game Day makes use of game-based learning, which encourages the participants towards motivation, experimentation, and employee sustainability initiatives. Meanwhile, group discussions during Dialogue Day allow participants to share their concerns about climate change, and help them come up with solutions to improve sustainability in the workplace and in the local area. 

More people are feeling climate anxiety about the effects of climate change, which can make it a difficult topic to approach. Research shows that individual and collective action can help deal with climate anxiety and other challenging emotions linked to climate change. Game-based learning makes the topic easy to approach and fun to engage with, getting your team motivated to take climate action!

These public institutions have already joined us to talk about sustainability in the workplace:

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 sustainability in the workplace
 sustainability in the workplace
 sustainability in the workplace

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