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Find new ways to discuss climate change adaptation policies at your NGO!


Whether you work locally or internationally, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are in the front line to see how vulnerable communities are impacted most by climate change. How to make climate change adaptation policies an overarching topic across your projects, so that you can take the information forward in your work with communities?


Our activities Game Day and Dialogue Day make climate change relatable, relevant and fun to engage with! Your team can talk about your concerns and ideas related to climate change in a welcoming and interactive environment. Day of Adaptation brings global climate adaptation to various groups – read more about our clients and partners to see who we work with.


 Inspire your staff to make global climate adaptation local!

Climate change is a big topic, and often policy is made at the global or national level. However, climate adaptation has to take place in each community, according to local needs, customs and values. NGOs often work across borders and need to find relevant solutions that serve your stakeholders. And to understand those needs, you need to talk about them!

Prioritising climate change discussions can be difficult when already juggling with so many important topics. However, climate change awareness is important because it is considered a threat multiplier, meaning it will impact other topics ranging from gender equality to climate justice, to security. That’s why NGOs play an important role in the fight against climate change – and why we urge you to get together with your team to talk about it!

Engage your team in collaborative activities for global climate adaptation

The needs of your organisation and staff are at the forefront of our activities. Your team gets to discuss relevant climate impacts in your work in a fun, interactive atmosphere. The ideas that come up can contribute to the climate change adaptation policies at your NGO.

Game Day brings new energy to your discussions about climate change adaptation policies. Play Minions of DisruptionsTM, our exciting climate game, with your team. You unleash dynamic conversations about global climate adaptation through conquering the shared challenges. Find out more about game-based learning through our Game Day.

Dialogue Day engages your team in a tailored group discussion where you can share your thoughts and perceptions about climate change in an open environment. Together you come up with strategies that are relevant to your local context and organisation. Join Dialogue Day to discuss environmental awareness.

 climate change adaptation policies
 climate change adaptation policies

Benefits of gamification to your work at an NGO 

Climate change games help participants grasp certain concepts about climate change adaptation policies, or apply things they are learning. Our Game Day makes use of game-based learning that encourages participants towards motivation, experimentation, and practising novel ways of thinking. Meanwhile, discussing the topic with community members on Dialogue Day can bring the topic closer and help people understand and relate to each other’s experiences.

More people are feeling climate anxiety about the effects of climate change, which can make it a difficult topic to approach. Research shows that individual and collective action can help deal with climate anxiety and other challenging emotions linked to climate change. Climate change games and interactive discussions make the topic easy to approach and fun to engage with, getting your team motivated to take climate action!

Bringing communication about climate change adaptation policies to your work with communities

There are two versions of the Minions of Disruptions game: one for organisations and one for communities. If you want to engage your staff, go for the organisational version. If you want to talk about what is climate action with your stakeholders or volunteers, the community version is the way to go. Both are focused on the things your team can do together, but the climate change impacts are felt in different contexts: organisational buildings vs housing, and staff vs neighbourhood. 

Do you work with communities in specific geographical locations and are wondering whether climate change games can help you address stakeholders? Day of Adaptation has worked together with Simavi to adapt the Minions of DisruptionsTM game to a pastoral context in Kenya. The project led to some promising findings about the role climate change games can play in different contexts – read more about our work and get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

 climate change adaptation policies

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 climate change adaptation policies
 climate change adaptation policies
 climate change adaptation policies

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