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Join sustainability games for employees with your team!

New regulations, customer and stakeholder demand, and public image are creating a push for companies to improve environmental sustainability in the workplace. Talking about climate change or how to promote sustainability in the workplace can be challenging, but it can also be fun and interactive! 


Our activities Game Day and Dialogue Day make climate change relatable, relevant and fun to engage with! Game Day and Dialogue Day are designed to be relatable for many audiences, including those who do not directly work with climate change. Day of Adaptation brings sustainability activities for students, coworkers and other groups – read more about our clients and partners to see who we work with.


Why participate in sustainability games for employees?

Effective corporate climate change strategy is becoming more critical for all companies, big or small, due to the urgency of climate adaptation and mitigation. As a department or team, you may face a particular challenge of motivating  sustainable employee engagement in climate discussion and action.  

The sustainability team building activities, Game Day and Dialogue Day, employ innovative approaches to strengthen your team!

Game Day uses gamification on climate change to bring up the difficult topic of climate change in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Through our highly interactive board game, Minions of Disruptions, you can start to think about strategies to improve climate action in your workplace together with your coworkers. 

Dialogue Day invites organisations to guided group discussions, facilitating dialogue about climate change. Your colleagues have a unique chance to reflect on how climate adaptation and mitigation are relevant for your company and how your organisation can innovate to stay ahead of climate change and competition.

How to promote sustainability in the workplace?

We need to engage everyone in the company! According to a poll by Deloitte, 97% of corporate executives reported that they have already experienced the negative impacts of climate change. Developing an efficient corporate climate change strategy creates a unique opportunity to reflect on the organisation’s goals and mission with staff members. Involving your staff in improving environmental sustainability in the workplace is important for a sense of ownership and engagement throughout the implementation of the strategy. 

Sustainability games for employees, such as our game Minions of DisruptionsTM, help your organisation engage colleagues to discuss concerns about climate change. It also creates an open and collaborative environment where employees get creative and come up ideas that suit your organisation. Let’s make sustainable employee engagement interactive and fun!

sustainability games for employees
sustainability games for employees

How can gamification benefit your company?

Your colleagues are sure to love sustainability games for employees! Gamification engages  participants effectively in discussing environmental sustainability in the workplace. Game-based learning boosts creativity, sparks friendly competition, and most importantly, prompts action.

Introducing game elements in teambuilding or the working environment improves sustainable employee engagement. Open dialogue also reduces stress caused by climate anxiety by allowing coworkers to share their thoughts and concerns. Getting out of the normal work routine and into games is the best way to learn about your coworkers and help your team get stronger!

These organisations have already joined our sustainability games for employees to discuss their corporate climate change strategy

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