Superheros unite for Dialogue Day

Let’s have some fun!

Climate change is happening. But not everyone knows what their organization do to become more resilient. How can we stay ahead? How can we inspire and support each other to become climate superheros?

That is where our Dialogue Day creates a welcoming environment where we connect the dots together.

We discuss questions such as:

  • How is climate change relevant for you and your organisation?
  • How can your team work together to adapt to the change?
  • How can your organization innovate to stay ahead of climate change and competition?

What exactly does a Dialogue Day look like?

We work with groups of as few as 10 people, or to 50 or more. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through a 2-3 hour tailored group discussion. For more information, download the info sheet.

STEP 1 - Make it Personal

We start by exploring our own perceptions. How do participants experience climate change? How do they deal with this?

STEP 2 - Share Your Experience

We divide the participants into smaller groups. Together we share and listen to each other’s perceptions.

STEP 3 - Visualize together

In a joint creative visualization exercise, we make a start with devising possible steps in tackling the shared challenges.

STEP 4 - Our Organization

We further expand the relationship between personal and organizational interests. How can participants help the organization one step further?

STEP 5 - And Now Forward

Together we discuss how we are going to get started with this? What do we commit ourselves to as a team?

"Definitely motivated"

“Our staff enjoyed a fun and inspiring morning participating in the Dialogue Day. Because it was interactive and engaging colleagues could exchange their experiences to see how they would personally and in work environment address issues around climate change. In this way it becomes also a teambuilding event. We were definitely motivated to see what climate action we can do next!”

Bastiaan Kluft, Partnership Development Director at Simavi
16 January 2020

“Lighter heart”

“I had a very positive experience: the workshop was interactive, helping us to meet and talk to each other. My own feelings changed, and at the end my heart was lighter. I recommend anyone, from the people who have little awareness of climate change to the convinced fighter to attend.“

Arthur Moreau, CEO of Jouls
4 March 2019

Past Dialogue Days


18 March 2020 with ASEED



15 January 2020 at the University of Amsterdam


19 August 2019 at the Municipality of Rotterdam

Photos and reflection


24 July 2019 at the Municipality of Rotterdam


1 July 2019 at the Zandvliet High School in The Hague



13 June 2019 at Simavi in Amsterdam

Photos en reflection


17 April 2019 with LUMES at Lund University in Sweden


16 April 2019 with DRMCCA at Lund University in Sweden



26 Feb 2019 in Amsterdam

Photos and Reflections


21 Feb 2019 in Den Bosch

Photos and Reflections


12 Feb 2019 in Amsterdam

Photos and reflection


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