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We empower organizations and individuals on climate change through engaging and exciting activities.


Host a Dialogue Day

Make climate change make sense for your organization’s staff and members through relevant and fun discussions guided by experienced adaptation experts. Are you a company, NGO, educational institution or community group? Get in touch with us to host a Dialogue Day event with support from Day of Adaptation.

Join a public Dialogue Day

Climate change is a very hot topic, but what does it mean for you, your work and family? Joining a Dialogue Day is a great opportunity to engage in discussions on relevant impact and actions to your livelihood.

Join a Game Day

Take the personal challenge to navigate climate change through a fun and interactive board game in a safe and supportive environment. In fact, don’t just join the Game Day yourself — invite your family and friends to join the event, too!

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Join The Conversation

Dit bericht was van een 14 jaar oud leerling uit de Dialogue Day vorige week in Den Haag - "Be aware of da klimate". De jeugdige ernst en oprechtheid is puur edelsteen.

What's the key take-home message from today's #DialogueDay with DRMCCA @lunduniversity? From a participant on discussing #ClimateChange with others:"Meet them where they are and be respectful."

"My own feelings changed, and at the end my heart was lighter." Read how Dialogue Day achieved this through active participation: #Empowerment #PositiveVibes #climatechange

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