Shake Off Climate Anxieties Around Us. Together.
We are raising €40,000 to reach 1.000 people with our activities in 2023-2024.

Cheer leaders for climate action.

We bring fun and inspiring team building activities to your organization.

Let’s go for fun!

Difficult to inspire people on climate action? Not with us! We are a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands aiming to empower climate action. We make it fun and approachable so that everyone can get fully energized with new insights and is inspired to take action. In short: we take fun very seriously!

We offer two interactive activities for communities, companies, educational institutions, public agencies, NGOs and any other interested groups. Whether you are new to climate action or already seasoned, our activities are guaranteed to give you the boost you need to keep it cool!

Dialogue Day

We create a welcoming environment for engaging and interactive discussion. Together the participants are inspired to shape the next steps.

Game Day

Play Minions of Disruptions™, our new board game, with your colleagues. You unleash dynamic conversations through conquering the challenges.

We have everything to make your organization a cheer leader for climate action. And we are happy to do that!

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Day of Adaptation was shortlisted for the Partos Collaborative Innovation Awards in 2021.

Day of Adaptation participated in the Water and Climate Pavilion at COP26 of the UN Climate Conference in 2021.

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Day of Adaptation brings forward more positivity in climate discussion! We introduce our inspiring team building activities to a wide range of organisations including companies, NGOs, educational institutions and government agencies. Let us ignite the optimism, so that your people get fully energized and are inspired to take action. Because they feel like it, and because it is positive and fun.

Will you also be a cheer leader for climate action?

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