Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

People like stories, almost as old civilization. It is how we share knowledge and ideas and encourage others to go along the journey. What are the lessons that climate storytellers have learnt over the decades? Here at Day of Adaptation, we create a welcoming environment to share thoughts, feelings, questions and perspectives, we meet you where your story is.

Recently, at Day of Adaptation we had a story of our own: we came across a great adaptation practice on tree planting, and we shared it on our social media. But that was almost where the story would have ended if not for a spontaneous coffee discussion on the topic: a couple sips in and we quickly realized that we could adapt ourselves by helping planting trees and subsidize our own carbon footprint. In one coffee break, we went from knowledge comprehension to self-awareness and practicing what we promote. 

So, what is the story of your organisation in including climate change adaptation in its daily life? You have a role in it and, who knows? You can be that star that is going to make those small changes that everyone will talk about. 

Want to make better sense of climate change for your organization’s work and staff through fun and relevant discussions? Get in touch with us to host a Dialogue Day or Game Day  with support from Day of Adaptation.

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