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 Let’s bring climate change education to your classroom!

Educational institutions are have an important role preparing the next generation for the challenges of the future. Young people are getting more concerned about sustainability issues, but many feel hopeless with the current narrative. Want to encourage and inspire your students and staff to discuss climate change from their perspective? Day of Adaptation offers fun and interactive sustainable development games to get your classroom talking!


If you work for an educational institution and you are looking for sustainable activities for students or even your staff,  Day of Adaptation offers two types of activities: Game Day and Dialogue Day. Sustainable development games, such as our board game Minions of Disruptions, help engage students about climate action and facilitate discussions about new strategies. Day of Adaptation brings climate change education to various groups – read more about our clients and partners to see who we work with. 


 Why do we need climate change education in schools and universities?

Climate change education plays an important role since climate games and discussions help students talk openly about climate adaptation and mitigation. More than 45% of children and young people indicate that climate anxiety negatively impacts their daily lives. Don’t let them struggle alone! Finding productive ways how to talk about sustainability to inspire and encourage students is important to reduce the feeling of powerlessness. Research shows that individual and collective action can help deal with climate anxiety and other challenging emotions linked to climate change. 

“Wait, but my field of study is not related to climate change.” Bad news, climate change will likely impact all our fields of study and work. Good news, our sustainable activities for students, Dialogue Day and Game Day, have been designed to be relatable for many audiences, including ones that do not work directly with climate change. 

How can educational institutions benefit from our climate activities?

How can you make your school more sustainable? What impact does climate change have on the life of your students and staff? These are some of the questions that you can discuss in our sustainability activities for students

Game Day allows teachers and students to search for strategies and brainstorm how you can commit to climate action together. As a teacher you have a unique opportunity to enrich their curriculum, get to know your students better, and discuss their ideas. Interested? Find out more about Game Day

Dialogue Day engages your group in a sustainability game for students where participants can share their thoughts and perceptions about climate change in an open environment. Together you come up with strategies that are relevant to your local context and school or university.  Read more about Dialogue Day

climate change education
climate change education

What are the benefits of gamification in climate change education?

Let’s make climate change education fun!

Gamification in education helps students process information in a more exciting and collaborative way. Our sustainability game for students, Minions of Disruptions, encourages and inspires students to talk about climate change outside of traditional learning methods. Students also get to fail and try again, which helps them be more engaged and open to innovative ideas on how we can spread awareness about climate change.

Whether you study biology, business or social sciences, climate change will have an impact on your field of study in the future. Why not start talking about it now? With our sustainable development games, students can think about the impact of climate change in their field and propose strategies or possible solutions to their concerns. Students will also have a better grasp on how to promote sustainability in the workplace when they graduate.

The following educational institutions have already joined our sustainability activities for students:

We are proud of working together with these wonderful educational institutions:

climate change education
climate change education
climate change education
climate change education

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