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What is climate action and how can you get your community involved?

Maybe you have already noticed how climate change has increasing impacts on your living environment. Awareness for climate change is getting more widespread, but what is climate action exactly? Simply put, it is an effort to tackle climate change and its impacts. This can either be in the form of climate mitigation, which means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or climate adaptation, which means adjusting to the current and future effects of climate change.


Taking climate action can seem like a big challenge. It may be hard to know how to get the members of your community to work together, or even to start discussing climate change. That’s why our activities are all about bringing the community together and talking about climate change in an interactive way. Help your community increase awareness for climate change while having fun!

How to raise awareness of climate change in your community?

Climate action often takes place on the local level. This is the case for flood-proofing your neighbourhood, or increasing green spaces to reduce the sweltering heat. Get the people in your community talking about what is climate action that is relevant in your area! The first step is to bring everyone around the same table. Our activities Game Day and Dialogue Day provide an opportunity to do just that. 

Game Day brings new energy to your discussions about climate change adaptation policies. Play Minions of DisruptionsTM, our exciting climate game, with your team. You unleash dynamic conversations about awareness for climate change through conquering the shared challenges. Try out game-based learning through our Game Day.

Dialogue Day engages your team in a tailored group discussion where you can share your thoughts and perceptions about climate change in an open environment. Together you identify what is climate action that is relevant for your community. Join Dialogue Day to discuss environmental awareness.

How to raise awareness of climate change in your community through gamification

Games can help participants grasp what is climate action, or apply things that they are learning. Our Game Day makes use of game-based learning, encouraging the participants towards motivation, experimentation, and practising novel ways of thinking. Meanwhile, discussing climate change with community members on Dialogue Day can bring the topic closer and help people understand and relate to each other’s experiences.

More people are feeling climate anxiety as awareness for climate change increases. This can make it a difficult topic to approach. Research shows that individual and collective action can help deal with climate anxiety and other challenging emotions linked to climate change. Games and interactive discussions make the topic easy to approach and fun to engage with, getting your group motivated to take climate action!

What is climate action

What type of communities can join our climate activities?

Whether your community is a local group of residents, or an online group gathered around shared interests, you can join our activities and find new perspectives on climate change adaptation and mitigation. How to raise awareness of climate change depends on your context, and that is why our activities can be adapted to your particular needs.

 Join the communities who have already learned about how to raise awareness of climate change

what is climate action
what is climate action
what is climate action

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