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We are raising €40,000 to reach 1.000 people with our activities in 2023-2024.

Are you looking for sustainability initiatives in the workplace or in your community?

Day of Adaptation meets you where you are!


Sustainability and climate action can be difficult to discuss with the team at your organisation or community. You may have been wondering how to educate employees on sustainability, or how to start talking about climate mitigation or adaptation with your colleagues. 


The half-day activities offered by Day of Adaptation are all about bringing the team together in a positive, interactive atmosphere. You can discuss climate change impacts and actions that your organisation or community can take, while simultaneously having fun and getting to know more about your team.


Currently we offer our activities either online or in-person in The Netherlands. It’s time to bring sustainability initiatives in the workplace or in your community!


Below you can read more about what your team can gain from our activities depending on your organisational type.

Who can join our activities for climate leadership and teambuilding?

No matter whether you are a member of a community, or work for a company, educational or public institution, or non-governmental organisation, Day of Adaptation meets you where you are. You can join our fun and interactive activities customized to your conditions and needs.

Bringing climate change discussions to educational institutions

Do you work at a university or other educational institution where climate change is, or should be, represented in your curriculum? Climate change awareness is going up among the youth and finding a constructive and exciting space for dialogue and new ideas is more important than ever. We have successful experiences working with several educational institutions to get both students and educators to discuss climate change. Read more about what we offer educational institutions.

sustainability initiatives in the workplace
sustainability initiatives in the workplace

Implementing sustainability initiatives in the workplace as a public institution

Public institutions, such as municipalities and government agencies, are having to deal with various and increasing climate change risks on the local level. Has your team already looked into how a changing climate will impact infrastructure, urban planning, or water availability in your area in the future? There’s no time like the present to get your team together to spur dialogue about climate change, and what’s a better way to start than a team building activity to bring everyone on the same page? Who knows, maybe you can use our activities to engage your local residents! Find out more about our activities for public institutions.

How to educate employees on sustainability at your company?


With climate change strategy and reporting becoming all the more important to companies, it’s a good time to organise sustainability initiatives in the workplace for your team. Game-based learning can be a low-pressure way of getting the topic on the agenda, and help inspire your team to work together and take the next steps needed to make your company future-proof! Read more about what we offer companies.


sustainability initiatives in the workplace
sustainability initiatives in the workplace

Want to implement climate change discussions into your work at an NGO?

Whether you work locally or internationally, non-governmental organisations have a front row seat to see how communities are impacted by climate change. How to educate employees on sustainability and raise the topic of climate change, so that you can take the information forward in your work with communities? Find out what we do with NGOs, both via inspiring staff and working to move climate communication forward: read our story in Kenya

What can communities do to build up their climate change preparedness?

It’s safe to say that all communities will be impacted by climate change in the future, whether that be through heatwaves, or changes to local water levels and rainfall. How to bring this global issue to the local level and make it possible to address it together with the people around you? Check out what you can do about climate change with your community.

sustainability initiatives in the workplace

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