For Organisations

Finance And Banking

Information Portal: Bank Of England

A comprehensive update on the Bank of England’s work in assessing and responding to climate-related financial risks.

Source: Bank Of England

Report: BSR's Inclusive Economy

The 2018 report demonstrates why and how business can act, and explores how to establish a deeper understanding of the nexus of an inclusive economy and climate throughout business.

Source: BSR

Report: The Dutch Central Bank (DNB)

The platform calls on companies to report on climate-related financial risks.

Source: DNB

Expert Opinion: "A Provocative Way To Finance The Fight Against Climate Change"

In this delightfully wonky talk, financial expert Michael Metcalfe suggests we can use the very same unconventional monetary tool from 2008 financial crisis to fund a global commitment to a green future.

Source: TED

Transport And Logistics

Report: United Nations Economic Commission For Europe (UNECE)

This 2013 UN Expert Group Report reviews relevant national initiatives, case studies and research projects, and share experiences on mode-specific adaptation measures.

Source: UNECE

Business Case: BSR's Supply Chain Business Case

This 2018 report provides companies with the business case for action to drive resilience inside their companies and across supply chains.

Source: BSR

Report: Adaptive Logistics

The research paper presents frameworks on climate change impacts on logistics. It also introduces logistics specialists to some of the relevant scientific literature.

Source: Logistics Research Centre, Heriot-Watt University


Information Portal: EC And EEA

The portal by European Commission (EC) and European Environment Agency (EEA) provides a rich knowledge base on health and climate change adaptation frameworks and reports.

Source: EEA

Business Case: BSR’s Health Business Case

The 2018 report demonstrates why and how business can act, and explores how to establish a deeper understanding of the nexus of health and climate throughout the business.

Source: BSR

Case Study: Princess Alexandra Hospital

This 6-minute video from Australian Broadcasting Corporation shows how one hospital has drastically reduced its waste footprint and the results were truly inspiring.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Information Portal: The Dutch Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal

The Spatial Adaptation Knowledge Portal is the pre-eminent platform for climate adaptation in the Netherlands.

Source: Kennisportaal Ruimtelijke Adaptatie

Information Portal: OECD

The OECD supports countries’ efforts to prepare for the effects of a changing climate by providing impartial analysis, policy advice and supporting the sharing of experiences between the public and private sectors.

Source: OECD


Report: "Transforming Agriculture For Climate Resilience: A Framework For Systemic Change"

This 2018 working paper explores how transformative adaptation can be achieved for agriculture by aligning adaptation projects along pathways and adjusting planning processes to incorporate longer-term, more systemic approaches.

Source: World Resource Institute (WRI)

Report: "Adapting Dutch Agriculture To Climate Change"

This review provides an overview of the expected climatic changes in the Netherlands and the
consequences of land use change on current agricultural practices. Subsequently,
adaptation strategies are summarized and discussed.

Source: Wageningen UR

Information Portal: "Indian Scientists Have Found An Ingenious Way To Cut Smog"

The new method would allow farmers to produce more food, boost profits by up to 20%, and cut greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 78%.

Source: WEF


Information Portal: Energy Agreement

On this website you will find the production figures for renewable energy sources from the Netherlands.


(in Dutch)

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For Individuals

I know very little about climate change.
Where do I start?

101 With Bill Nye

A well-explained and easy video, which frames the issue nicely.

Source: National Geographic

The Netherlands And Climate Change

Simple and informative video regarding climate change causes and impacts in the Netherlands.

Source: Ministerie van Infrasctructuur en Waterstaat

A TED Talk On Taking Climate Action

Learn how to make caring for the earth feel personable, do-able and empowering with this fun, informative talk.

Source: TED

I have some understanding of climate change.
Tell me more?

How Does The Netherlands Take Action?

Very nice overview and a good page on climate change and general actions in the Netherlands. Information by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Source: Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

10 Things You Can Do To Help The Environment And Yourself

Easy reminder of actions every individual can take to reduce environmental impacts.

Source: WWF

50 Ideas For Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint

Some recommendations to get started on shrinking your carbon footprint without drastic changes, and measurable impact through carbons calculators.


12 Improvement Options For A More Energy-Efficient And Sustainable Home

Energy efficiency and sustainable tips from Rijksoverheid for your household. Includes information about current subsidies.

Source: Rijksoverheid

(in Dutch)

I am ready to deep dive. Show me the intensely rich content?

Ready For The Dutch Climate Agreement

The Climate Agreement is ready. This means there is an extensive coherent package with which the Netherlands can reduce CO2 emissions by at least 49 percent by 2030.

Source: Rijksoverheid

(in Dutch)

IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change. Currently the sixth assessment report is being developed, which will be released in two years. The report is rather technical and definitely more complex. Nonetheless, it essentially represents the most reliable source of scientific evidence regarding climate change and its impacts.

Source: IPCC

How To Win The Climate Game

Climate change is the biggest market disruptor in the years to come by placing ‘cross pressures’ on businesses. Winning the game is about innovative solutions, daring strategies, and new mindsets.

Source: Sustainia

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