Shake Off Climate Anxieties Around Us. Together.
We are raising €40,000 to reach 1.000 people with our activities in 2023-2024.

Looking for sustainability projects for students or professionals?

We appreciate your interest in Day of Adaptation! We are run with the support of volunteers, donors and other enthusiastic supporters to bring positivity into the climate discourse. Join us if you want to contribute to tackling climate change next to your job, or if you are looking for sustainability projects for students!



Day of Adaptation values the input of people from various backgrounds and interests. We believe that engaging people with expertise in different fields helps us find innovative approaches and supports mutual learning. That is why we are happy to welcome people with experience working on climate change issues, but also those who wish to learn more about the field of sustainability and climate change.


We need your support to empower more climate action. Every bit, big or small, is welcomed and appreciated!

What can you do with us?

 We welcome donations, volunteers, and applications for open positions.


With your donation, we are able to bring positive climate communication to new groups. Our first ever fundraising campaign aims to reach 1.000 people in 2023-2024 in more than 60 diverse communities and organisations. Are you ready to shake off climate anxieties around us? Let’s do it – together!

 Sustainability projects for students
 Sustainability projects for students


As a volunteer, you can join our ongoing projects and get a taste of working on climate change issues while encouraging and motivating people! This is the perfect choice if you have a bit of time and you are interested in finding sustainability projects for students or professionals to do besides your other commitments.

Apply for a position

We have some open positions from time to time. Check the link below to find our current openings. We also welcome open applications from motivated candidates!

 Sustainability projects for students

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