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We are raising €40,000 to reach 1.000 people with our activities in 2023-2024.

Want to bring sustainability team building activities to your organisation?

Sustainability and climate action may be difficult to discuss with the team at your organisation or community. You may have been wondering how can we spread awareness about climate change in an engaging and relevant way?


The sustainability team building activities offered by Day of Adaptation are all about bringing the team together in a positive, interactive atmosphere. Our half-day activities help you discuss the climate change adaptation plan of your organisation or community while having fun and getting to know more about your team.  


Our activities are perfect for companies, educational institutions, public institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), communities and any other interested groups. Get in touch to organise an in-person or virtual team building activity that suits your needs!


While talking about climate change can be challenging, it can also be fun. But don’t take our word for it – experience it for yourself!

Our Sustainability team building activities


We offer two interactive activities for your group: Game Day and Dialogue Day. Whether you are just starting to build up your climate change awareness or are already seasoned, our activities are guaranteed to give you the boost you need to keep it cool.

Our activities are available in-person or as a virtual team building activity. Our experienced facilitators bring the discussion alive, and help your team navigate the activities and channel their thoughts as they come up.


Game Day

Want to bring some more energy to your sustainability team building activities? Play Minions of DisruptionsTM, our exciting climate game, with your team. You unleash dynamic conversations about climate change awareness and adaptation through conquering the shared challenges.

 sustainability team building activities
 sustainability team building activities

Dialogue Day

Do you want to engage your team about the climate change adaptation plan at your organisation? We create a welcoming environment for engaging and interactive discussion. Together the participants are inspired to shape the next steps through sustainability team building activities.

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