About Day of Adaptation

Day of Adaptation is a cheer leader for climate action! We believe people and organisations can adapt to climate change, leading to a more climate resilient society.

Through our fun activities, Dialogue Day and Game Day, we aim to empower individuals and organisations to take climate action. 

We meet you where you are, creating a welcoming environment to share questions, perspectives and feelings. We bring the optimism back so that people get fully energised and are inspired to take action!

Will you join us to be cheer leaders for climate action? 

Established in 2018, Day of Adaptation is a non-profit foundation based in the Netherlands. Our organisation registration information is available here.

Our Story

Our story began with one person’s story. Shu Liang, a Chinese Canadian, relocated to the Netherlands in 2017 and began working for a global climate organisation. Shu is passionate about the issue, but sometimes felt like more could be done in how we engage people and organisations. Learning how to be more sustainable at work or at the community level requires starting conversations with people around you.

Soon Shu began to think about the possibilities of connecting with each together. What could happen if we discuss this topic in a welcoming environment? Could we come out of the discussion feeling better and stronger together? And what might happen if we make it fun?

This line of thinking resonated with many people, and soon Shu’s story became our story. Since December 2018, our amazing team at Day of Adaptation has been developing fun and interactive sustainability team building activities tailored for organisations. We have worked with over 600 people in different organisations to bring a breath of fresh air to the climate discussions.

So join us, make our story your story too. We invite you to grab a coffee, join a dialogue, and enjoy a game. Together we are the cheer leaders for climate action.

Our Awesome Team

Alyssa Gayraud
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AnaCapri Mauro
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Giorgia Mecugni
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Ijeoma Onwuka 
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Iuliia Naumenko 
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Julia Eichhorn
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Kathryn Wellen
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Lindy Hromas
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Luay Idriss
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Minja Sillanpää
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Minttu Hänninen
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Petra Hausherr 
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Quirien Wijnberg
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Rishi Kumar
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Sarvesh Singh 
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Shu Liang
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Our Board Members

Sharon Smit
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Perle Laouenan-Catchpole
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Would you like to help empower climate action at organisations and communities? We would love to hear from you! Read more about how to get involved.

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