About Day of Adaptation

Established in 2018, Day of Adaptation is a not-for-profit foundation based in the Netherlands. Its vision is to empower the public through active and relevant engagement about climate change. Day of Adaptation encourages healthy and meaningful discussion among staffs and members on climate change in organizations. We are very serious about the fun factor while adapting to climate change. 

Our Awesome Team

Aaron Cohen

Alessandra Magni

Joy Pengel

Koshanthia Gueorguieva

Lana Garrels

Lindy Hromas

Moritz Hauer

Nathalie Brasser

Nienke Edelenbosch

Nuno Cabecinha


Quirien Wijnberg


Raluca Voinea

Rishi Kumar

Sebastián Rojas

Sharon Smit

Shawn Wood

Shu Liang

Winonah Joubert


If you think our initiatives are different and interesting, we would love to discuss with you and your organization about partnership opportunities to raise your organization’s climate change profile and identify win-win initiatives. And yes, we would also appreciate financial support. So please contact us and let’s have a coffee!


We will inform you on a regular basis on the activities of the foundation.


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