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Strengthen your team by having fun. We developed Minions of Disruptions™, a collaborative board game, in which you look for possible ways to tackle climate change in your organization and community. The shared challenge unleashes dynamic interactions and collaboration.

The activity is suitable for communities, companies, educational institutions, public agencies, NGOs and any other interested groups. Whether you are new to climate action or already seasoned, our activities are guaranteed to give you the boost you need to keep it cool.

Game Day is a great way to bring people together, and energize them with play. Watch out, it is seriously fun.

During the Game Day, you:

  • Get to know important concepts that are most relevant for your organization.
  • Grow your understanding for various actions against climate change.
  • Get motivated to tackle challenging issues together.

What exactly does a Game Day look like?

Our experienced facilitators will guide you through an amazing experience. Whether you have as few as 10 people or 50 or more, we tailor the half-day programme to your needs. For more information, download the info sheet.

STEP 1 - Battle the Minions

We start by playing Minions of Disruptions™, our new and exciting board game, to get the participants to think about climate change in a fun way.

STEP 2 - And Now Forward

Playing the game always results in a lot of discussion and excitement. In small groups, we present experiences to each other and discuss the next steps that we want to take as an organization to a higher level.

Check out the Minions of Disruptions!

The game is available now!

We have a variety of options to make the game suit your needs: 

  • Edition: organization or community. Choose your focus: understand climate impact on your work or daily life. 
  • Length: short (30 min), full (60-90 min), or why not both!
  • Language: English, Dutch and Spanish
  • Format: in-person and online 

Past Game Days

8 October 2022 at Langley City, Washington

24 and 24 May 2022 at Raisely


8 December 2021 at Lund University

5 November 2021 at COP26 Water & Climate Pavilion

30 October 2021 at Richmond Vale Academy

1 October 2021 at Leiden University

"To any leaders looking to inspire their teams"

“I have been looking for innovative ways to create awareness and insights among students about climate change. The Game Day offered the perfect solution: everyone played Minions of Disruptions for an afternoon and participated with full commitment. After the play, we discussed what we, as individuals and groups, can do ourselves adapting to climate change. The fun game element also made the activity much more energetic and yielded new insights.

I highly recommend this team building and experiential learning activity to any leaders looking to inspire their teams.”

Ina Horlings, Professor Socio-spatial Planning at Groningen University
19 January 2020

"We can make a difference"

“We learned a lot, bonded as a team and we now have clearer ideas how we can make a difference. I can recommend this to any team.”

Sander Janse, ABN AMRO
August 2020

"One of the best"

“Minions of Disruptions is one of the best group
games that I have played!”

Abe Scholte, technology advisor

5 September 2019

Interested to play?

Great! It is very simple. Click on the button below. Just a couple of minutes and you are set!

After receiving your information, we will follow up and schedule a short meeting with you. This way we can put together a fantastic program tailored for you.

Group testing the Minions of Disruptions climate board game in Kenya.

Minions of Disruptions – Kenya Edition

Did you know that Minions of Disruptions has also been adapted to the needs of a pastoral community in Kenya? The purpose of this project was to explore the acceptability of a climate game as an advocacy tool in a vastly different context than what the game was originally designed for. We are proud that the project was a success and we look forward continuing this journey with our partners. Download a short project report here: Minions of Disruptions – Kenya Edition, October 2022.

Do you have an idea how an adapted climate game could benefit your community or organization? Let’s get in touch!

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