Humans are definitely very interesting creatures: we can be nudged to take small steps that lead to big changes. So here’s our little nudge to help us start with some small changes that can have a big impact on the future of the planet and for our children and grandchildren:

. spread awareness and influence organisations’ actions – let us help you with that by having a Dialogue Day or Game Day-;

. plant a tree;

. live car free.

It is true that not all button-pressing is easy: recently two of our colleagues had to bike to a potential client to showcase our Game Day. Imagine backpacks full of heavy board games and strong coastal wind blowing them backwards. But in the end we got one solid hour of physical exercise and proved to ourselves and client that we can press the right button.

We admit that it is not always easy to find the right climate action buttons, but we can help each other together and find those buttons together. What are your buttons that you can share with us?

Want to make better sense of climate change for your organization’s work and staff through fun and relevant discussions? Get in touch with us to host a Dialogue Day or Game Day  with support from Day of Adaptation.

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