Maybe you’ve heard a lot about climate change recently, and this news sounds difficult (and maybe a bit scary). But what does climate change mean for you, your work and your family, exactly?

At Day of Adaptation, we are creating a fun and positive environment that invites you for a meaningful and pleasant experience discussing the impact of climate change on you and your livelihood. We grab a drink, sit down, converse together or play a board game. This way we can make sense of climate change at a level that is more relevant for you, your work and community.

The scientists may be running the experiments to let us know what will happen in the years to come, while government and industry leaders make plans at a much higher level. But the truth is that you and I are affected by changing climate right now and it’s within our reach to take control of the situation and be part of the discussion.

A big part of adapting to climate change is defining changes to our climate on our own terms, generating awareness about a complex topic and challenging each other to collaborate and develop solutions that work for our own lives, at our workplaces and in our communities.

We invite you to join a dialogue, enjoy a game and take the climate into your own hands.

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