The Dialogue Day was a very fresh experience about climate change.

Climate change is here, that is a fact and we have known about it for 30 years. It has always been a serious issue among my peers. Thanks to Dialogue Day, for the first time it was something lighter. The dialogues and tools made it an easier topic to talk about. We could dig further into our emotional answers to climate change, and understand our own feelings better.

The session starts, due to the seriousness of the topic, on a heavy tone. But soon after, it became less heavy, and more enjoyable. My own feelings changed, and at the end my heart was lighter.

I had a very positive experience: the workshop was interactive, helping us to meet and talk to each other. The periods of talk of information were well balanced with more active use of the tools.

I recommend anyone, from the people who have little awareness of climate change to the convinced fighter to attend. There is always something to learn.

Thanks Day of Adaptation for the experience.

About the author : Arthur Moreau is the CEO of Jouls. We kindly appreciate him for sharing his reflections from participating in the Dialogue Day on 26 Feb, 2019.

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